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8 Jahre 9 Monate her #11 von Paul Cockshott

I agree that it is more important to actually get some work done than to spend time and money on meetings. If meetings are to be held they should be small working meetings not public open ones.

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8 Jahre 10 Monate her #10 von Gernot Ernst

Dear friends,

we did not discuss in Mexico in detail how we will proceed regarding meetings.

Reflecting my own situation I will not be able to attend another meeting (in october) in Mexico. There are several reasons. Of course, it is a question of money, but even more it is a question of time. Due to different duties I cannot travel to much. In addition I would prefer to come to meetings with some results and this needs some time to work on it.

I would propose a working meeting every year. I am comfort to do it in Mexico, as several researchers are based there and the institute, too.

Personally it would be also an advantage if this could also be associated again with some China issues. I have discussed some of this with Alejandra and I (as sinologist) would like to contribute (in form of a lecture, for instance) in the field of China studies in Mexico at this occasion.


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